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Connecting Old Amsterdam with New Amsterdam with high fives.

KLM is a successful brand which understands and embraces the digital medium better than its peers. Last week KLM connected hundreds of people in Amsterdam and New York live, through high fives. For one day, two interactive installations provided a live look through across the ocean.

The credits goes to Eigen Fabrikaat (DDB Group) and Minivegas.

Walkers Crisps in London have just launched a series of interactive bus shelters, or more specifically… Twitter Powered Vending Machines inside bus shelters, staffed by Walkers ambassador Gary Lineker in virtual form, sitting inside the vending machine. Created by AMV BBDO.

"I love advertising because I love lying," Seinfeld.

Jerry Seinfeld  brought down the house with a brilliant, hilarious speech about why he loves advertising—which ended up being a blistering anti-advertising rant that comically eviscerated the business.

I love that Under Armour has a ballerina, who looks phenomenal as the face of their new campaign. 

The campaign stars Misty Copeland, a soloist for the American Ballet Theater. The ad has a voice over of a young girl reading real rejection letters that Copeland received. “You have the wrong body for ballet,” she says. And yet we see Copeland fly through the air and spin across the stage, determined to challenge her supposed fate.

Oh, and check out her calves. WOW.

I really didn’t want to like this. But i really did. It’s a parody of Wren’s Gold Lion winning “First Kiss”. The Slap.

For this one, Max Landis (son of Hollywood legend John Landis) gathered 40 friends and acquaintances and had them slap each other (allegedly for the first time).

I think the reason I couldn’t help but like this was because it came from a place of safety and joyful exploration. People seemingly wanting to be part of something interesting and being open to what ever that brought. And damn it kind of looks fun.

It’s National Safety Month and what better way to discuss gun safety than with a little dildo humour. Well, to be fair, if you want to make any PSA more interesting that’s pretty much the formula.

This is from the gang at McCann New York.

According to Everytown for Gun Safety, two children per week were killed in 2013 in unintentional shootings, and two-thirds of those tragedies were due to unsecured guns children found in a home. That means two-thirds of those tragedies were entirely preventable. Or as Evoleve—the advertiser in the PSA above—puts it, “It’s the right to bear arms. Not the right to be a dumbass.”

If Pixar did a NIKE ad, this is what you would get. The different between this and the latest Beats ad is story telling. I’d choose this any day.

The perfect use of power. A platform game for the glorious leader himself. Down with those capitalist scum. DOWN!

Tigerair is targeting everyday Australians who would love to fly more with a new online community, called the Infrequent Flyer Club, created in partnership with McCann Australia.

The Infrequent Flyer Club is essentially a CRM platform that allows Tigerair to keep Infrequent Flyers up-to-date with great deals to great destinations, and fulfill its mission of putting more people in the sky. The first 5,000 members to join will receive a free flight voucher for $100.

An integrated campaign including YouTube and other paid media channels, out-of-home, radio, social media, airport advertising and at-airport and on plane activation will drive traffic to the website.

“Any airline can have a frequent flyer program, but it takes a special kind of airline to think about the people who may not be able to fly regularly. The Tigerair Infrequent Flyer Club is probably the best airline membership scheme in the world,” said McCann Australia Executive Creative Director John Mescall.

“Sure, you don’t earn points. And there’s no swanky lounge or any form of preferential treatment at the airport at all. But unlike other programs that force you into bronze, silver and gold, when you join tigerair Infrequent Flyers you get to choose your own membership level. Mine is Aerobics Leotard Blue. And that beats free peanuts every time.”

Members can choose one of 18 membership levels, from Beer to Bin Green or Hipster Chino.

Do small complimentary bottles of wine make you happy? Do they really?

Check out the latest series of videos from TigerAir Australia and McCann Melbourne.

Introducing TigerAir’s Infrequent Flyer Club. The campaign was born out of a simple problem….. Australians expect too much from low cost airlines. We needed to lower their expectations.

Through a series of hilarious videos, free luggage tags you need to print yourself, and the option of 18 different membership levels to choose from, including wood paneling and 70’s brown. We have looked to break the tired and tested loyalty model airlines have survived on for too long. Oh and there’s 5000 free flight vouchers on the go as well.