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Tigerair is targeting everyday Australians who would love to fly more with a new online community, called the Infrequent Flyer Club, created in partnership with McCann Australia.

The Infrequent Flyer Club is essentially a CRM platform that allows Tigerair to keep Infrequent Flyers up-to-date with great deals to great destinations, and fulfill its mission of putting more people in the sky. The first 5,000 members to join will receive a free flight voucher for $100.

An integrated campaign including YouTube and other paid media channels, out-of-home, radio, social media, airport advertising and at-airport and on plane activation will drive traffic to the website.

“Any airline can have a frequent flyer program, but it takes a special kind of airline to think about the people who may not be able to fly regularly. The Tigerair Infrequent Flyer Club is probably the best airline membership scheme in the world,” said McCann Australia Executive Creative Director John Mescall.

“Sure, you don’t earn points. And there’s no swanky lounge or any form of preferential treatment at the airport at all. But unlike other programs that force you into bronze, silver and gold, when you join tigerair Infrequent Flyers you get to choose your own membership level. Mine is Aerobics Leotard Blue. And that beats free peanuts every time.”

Members can choose one of 18 membership levels, from Beer to Bin Green or Hipster Chino.

Do small complimentary bottles of wine make you happy? Do they really?

Check out the latest series of videos from TigerAir Australia and McCann Melbourne.

Introducing TigerAir’s Infrequent Flyer Club. The campaign was born out of a simple problem….. Australians expect too much from low cost airlines. We needed to lower their expectations.

Through a series of hilarious videos, free luggage tags you need to print yourself, and the option of 18 different membership levels to choose from, including wood paneling and 70’s brown. We have looked to break the tired and tested loyalty model airlines have survived on for too long. Oh and there’s 5000 free flight vouchers on the go as well.

Pigs are friends, not food. From the Vegans at Farm Sanctuary. And you know what? Video game playing ability is a pretty convincing factor in what I choose to eat. No joke.

Relationships are hard. Enter BroApp. Finally technology that the world needs. “Good night pumpkin puff”

Strangers kissing is flooding news feeds at the moment. Amateur filmmaker Tatia Pilieva has captured that most transient of human interactions on film. And it’s gorgeous.

POTUS between two ferns. This has instantly vaulted the show to the level of such political arenas as Meet The Press and Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-In, President Barack Obama appeared on Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns.

For PSA campaigns aimed at getting people to help the children of Syria, job one is making the crisis feel immediate rather than remote. The ad, by creative agency Don’t Panic, imagines if what has happened in Syria were to happen in London. Amazingly shot, it uses the structure of the popular one-second-a-day videos to show an ordinary girl’s world falling apart over a period of a year (from birthday to birthday).

Unicef’s world famous Tap Project is back, this time, in mobile form, with site that donates water to people in need, based on how long you don’t touch your phone for. Maybe a bit of a stretch?

Hoverboards are just 12 months away from being in Kmart. Okay that’s a lie. But damn it, I wish it was true.

What would you do if you saw a freezing child? This is a moving way to engage people in charity. They set up a hidden camera and placed Johannes at a bus stop, in Oslo, Norway.

The film is made to raise awareness of the situation for children in Syria, and to raise funds to SOS Children’s Villages is their winter-campaign. Children in Syria are freezing and you can help by dontating.

Donate here: http://www.sos-barnebyer.no/syriahelp

Damn. James Corden has moves. From the latest Cadbury campaign.

Choose love over like. Nice thought from Coca Cola.

The perfect ad for Monday morning. Power rock meets a singing kitty. There is no greater combo. From the guys at W&K in London.

A must watch ad from Woodstock Bourbon. Funny, great timing, and beautifully executed. And all based on a fantastic product truth.